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Nyko Charge Base 360 introduced

Nyko Charge Base 360

Nyko, a gaming peripherals manufacturer, has launch the new Charge Base 360. The latest peripheral is a charging solution for the Xbox 360 and offers a drop-in charging and storage solution for up to two wireless controllers.

The Charge Base 360 provides an alternative to USB charging or wasteful and expensive disposable batteries. It comes with two custom NiMH rechargeable batteries. These batteries feature special contact points which allow the controllers to be easily dropped into the Charge Base 360 without removing the battery packs.

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Besides, users can charge two controllers together as the Charge Base 360 boasts two ports. A single charge provides up to 25 hours of play time for each controller. The Charge Base 360 takes around two hours to charge one controller and approximately four hours to charge four Xbox 360 controllers with AC power. The Charge Base 360 features two LED lights, which indicate users about charging status by changing the color.

“Nyko has identified a need among Xbox 360 owners looking for a more convenient way to store and charge their controllers,” said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing at Nyko Technologies. “The Charge Base 360 eliminates the use of wasteful and expensive disposable batteries and keeps your controllers charged while you store them, so that they are ready to go for an extended gaming session every time you pick them up.”

The Nyko Charge Base for the Xbox 360 is now available in the US market at $34.99. Also, a limited edition of units in a Black and Gold color will hit shelves on June 2, at $34.99.

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