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Nvidia Shield software update allows 1080p-60fps game streaming on HDTVs

In October, the Android-based Nvidia Shield handheld console received a Console Mode which provided it with the ability to stream PC and console games on HDTVs using wireless Bluetooth controllers. However, for PC the streaming was limited to 720p resolution at 60fps, but with the latest software update for the device, the supported resolution has been changed to 1080p.

Powered by GameStream, this technology enables titles like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Batman: Arkham Origins, Battlefield 4, BioShock Infinite and more to run on HDTVs through your PCs. The other games which are compatible have been listed down here, and it should be noted and new titles will keep being added to the list every week.

Nvidia Shield

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Although console streaming is still locked at 720p-60fps, a lot of improvements to it have been thrown into this update. Moreover, this trait too receives support for new games. Gamepad Mapper, the facility which allows you assign touchscreen functions to physical buttons has been granted new features as well. You can now map motion-sensitive controls to the analog sticks of the Nvidia Shield. This way, you wouldn’t have to tilt your device while playing games like Temple Run.

Launched in July this year, Nvidia Shield is an Android-based handheld console which features a 5-inch touchscreen display and a controller incorporating dual analog sticks, a D-pad, face buttons and more. Powered by the Tegra 4 processor, it kicks in advanced capabilities, and can be bought at a price of 249 USD (approx. Rs 15,500).

The new Nvidia Shield software update is live now, and can be downloaded OTA by owners of the device.

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