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Nvidia’s March 3 event vows to ‘redefine the future of gaming’

Nvidia took CES by storm when it unveiled the almost PC-grade Tegra X1 mobile chipset, and it now wants to surprise us once again at an event that’s supposed to take place on March 3. Of course, it has kept the purpose of the event a secret, but that doesn’t stop us from making a few predictions based on recent observations.

The invite which Nvidia has sent out to various publications bears the words ‘Made To Game’ in bold letters. It also mentions that the product has been in the making for more than five years and that it will redefine the future of gaming altogether.

Nvidia Event Invite

Among the number of sites that have received this invite is Android Police, and this is a clue in itself. Since the website only caters to Android enthusiasts, the fact that it has been invited to this Nvidia gathering tells us that it will definitely have something to do with Google’s mobile OS.

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Fingers can hence be pointed towards a Shield tablet successor with nothing less than the Tegra X1 onboard. The much appreciated predecessor runs the Android OS, but also offers the ability to stream PC games on its small screen.

YouTube video

The new Shield successor is expected to retain the strongpoints of its precursor that include optional LTE connectivity, the 8-inch display and more. But the fact that it will have the X1 chipset inside it means that up to a whopping 1 teraflop floating point performance will be on offer for gamers.

Nvidia Shield Tablet

March 3 isn’t a too far away, so the secret that Nvidia is carrying won’t take much time to unravel. Stay tuned until then so that we can bring you more on the matter.