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Nuance Communication launches a Search and Discovery Software for mobiles, in India

T9 logo Lost in your phone searching for applications in various folders? Worry not as Nuance Communication’s, Inc., a leader in supplying speech, smart keypad and imaging solutions to the world, invented and launched a mobile discovery solution – T9 Nav, in India today.

With T9 Nav, navigating and searching for applications in mobile phones becomes easier and T9 proves to be a perfect search and discovery solution for mobile communication devices, office automation, personal navigation devices and consumer electronics, claims Nuance Communications.

Wondering how it works? T9 Nav is a simple software where the user has to only type in the first few letters of the name of the application.

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For example: ‘s i l’ (7-4-5) for silent profile or ‘a m y’ (2-6-9) for downloading Amy Winehouse’s music, and even ‘f a c’ (3-2-2) for facebook/ internet or ‘m a’ (3-2) to access a contact named Mary or a Madonna ringtone or a mapping application or just about anything beginning with these letters and it is there; just like one does in the T9 dictionary mode of SMSing.

It also reorders frequently searched items by predicting most often typed terms by using algorithms from T9/XT9 software; thereby adapting to the user’s behaviour. However, the software works without changing the phone’s menu or theme yet giving an easy access to all the elements thus complementing the device’s look and feel!

T9 runs only on S60 powered phones.

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“Nuance Mobile Solutions make it easier to control mobile devices, automate customer services, and access and discover even the most advanced mobile applications and content – regardless of technical know-how, location, environment or physical and literacy capabilities,” said Sunny Rao, General Manager, Nuance Communications – ASEAN & India.

“As mobile phones get more complex, data storage capabilities are increasing. Additionally, the proliferation of phone features requires a robust retrieval system to access and manage content. Users are often confused by complex menu navigation and cannot easily find and identify specific device features and mobile content to download – and many mobile carriers have identified that this is an obstacle to greater data service uptake and growth,” he added. “T9 Nav addresses this critical problem faced by the carriers’ subscribers, and we have brought to the market mobile search and discovery that is fast and simple, efficient, flexible and adaptable to the user.”

At present, the T9 Nav is available in India for trial and evaluation. It will be made available for consumers in the United States and Great Britain soon. For downloading purposes and its instructions, you can visit and click the download button. A Nokia installer window is automatically launched where a Symbian S60 Third Edition handset user has to click ‘install’ and there it is in your phone!

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