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Now, Skype on your Android Wear smartwatch

The Android version of Skype has just been blessed with support for Android Wear smartwatches. This is great news for those who have since long been waiting for the popular application to be made accessible through their smartwatches.

The newest edition of Skype, dubbed version 6.4 can be grabbed right now through the Google Play store. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to perform all basic functions of the app without removing your smartphone from your pocket, as everything will be accessible through the Android Wear device sitting on your wrists.

Skype will notify you about new messages, while it will also allow you to reply to those messages using just your smartwatch. For this purpose, you can either take advantage of Google’s famous voice-to-text functionality or you can select from a set of pre-written responses.

Skype Android Wear

Moreover, there’s also the recently introduced ability of drawing emoji to take advantage of. But Skype is used mostly these days for voice calls and video calls. You’ll be pleased to know that both these features are supported on Android Wear by the app.

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As soon as a call arrives, you’ll immediately be able to see who the caller is on your smartwatch. You can choose to decline the call or accept it. The call will then of course be diverted to your smartphone, but you can still take it hands-free by having a Bluetooth speaker or headset connected to your device.

Like we have mentioned above, the newest version of Skype which infuses it with Android Wear support can be grabbed through the Google Play store right now.