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Now, send messages on WhatsApp, Telegram and more by talking to Google

Google’s voice commands are a big boon for those who’re ready to awkwardly speak to their phones instead of actually picking them up and using them. It’s for these folks that the search giant has introduced a new feature that lets them dictate and send messages to friends and family using a combination of their voice and third-party apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Telegram and NextPlus.

The ‘Okay Google’ service which lets you take advantage of the Google app’s bountiful other traits is where you can also exploit this new and interesting addition. If you give a command on the lines of ‘Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to Niko,’ it will open up a box and will ask you to narrate what the message will be.

And that’s how you’ll be able to send a message to someone via a third-party app without even touching your device. While there are two steps involved in the method that has been shown above, there’s even a one-step method that you can use. It can go, ‘Ok Google, send a Telegram message to Niko: let’s go bowling tonight.’

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This fresh functionality will initially only be made available in English, but Google has indeed said that it’s working towards bringing more languages under its umbrella. It has moreover also gone on to mention that additional third-party apps will be incorporated into the service in the near future.

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As for those who use apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Telegram or NextPlus on a daily basis, this Google app feature is available right now as long as the utilities are updated to their latest versions.