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Now Rediffmail Users gets their own Web Messenger

Rediff.com logo Rediff.com, an online community portal in India has now integrated a web messenger into its Rediffmail email application. A while ago, the company had announced unlimited storage for Rediffmail, making it one of the first Indian companies to offer such a feature.

As the web messenger has been integrated into Rediffmail, users will now be able to chat in real-time with not only their Rediff Bol (Instant Messenger) friends, but with all their Rediffmail contacts stored in the webmail inbox.

Rediffmail users will be able to see the presence of their contacts online in real time, providing users the freedom to communicate in offline (mail) as well as online (instant message).

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Plus, with the integration of web messenger in Rediffmail, all to and fro mail transactions can be substituted by instant messages. This would help to save the user’s time and also enhances the efficiency of their work.

According to Manish Agarwal Vice President Marketing of Rediff.com, “The launch of web messenger is line with changing needs of the users. Our endeavor has been to offer our users the freedom to choose the applications to efficiently manage their communication needs.”

“The integration of web-messenger to Rediffmail is another step towards offering a tangible benefit to our millions of Rediffmail users,” he added

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According to Rediff.com, the new web messenger feature in Rediffmail is almost like free SMS!

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