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Now, record you mobile gameplay via the Google Play Games app

Gameplay recording and viewing is a huge deal nowadays, and the trend has slowly crept into the mobile gaming scene as well. This has led Google to update its Play Games app with the ability to record and share gameplay videos on YouTube finally.

There’s a big catch to the whole affair though. This new feature will only be made available to Google Play Games users in the US and the UK at first. While the developers have promised that it will be rolled out in more countries ‘soon after,’ they have stopped short of giving an actual time frame.

Anyway, the gameplay recording feature on Google Play Games is pretty simple to use. Once you open the application, you can select any game from your library which you wish to play and then tap the record button. Your recorded video can either be 480p or 720p, as higher resolution options are still not available.

Google Play Games

You can even choose to include a small windowed video of yourself in the corner, which will be captured via the front camera and microphone. Once you’re done with your gameplay recording, you can even quickly edit the video for chopping off the unneeded bits, before uploading it to YouTube directly.

The same feature is already available through the YouTube Gaming app which was released recently. Back in June, Samsung had released its own app called Game Recorder+ which only works with select high-end Galaxy devices.

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Like we said, despite the updated Google Play Games app being live on the Play store, the gameplay recording feature will only work for you if you’re from the US or the UK.


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