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Now, play PSP games on an Oculus Rift with a VR emulator

This may be the era of the PS Vita, but hardcore gamers are still hesitating to let go of their PSP handhelds. For them, a VR emulator for the Oculus Rift which plays classic games made for the trusty old Sony machine sounds like a great boon.

Oculus developer 2EyeGuy has come up with ‘PPSSPP VR’ which is nothing but a fancy name for the new Oculus Rift emulator meant to play PSP titles. By harnessing the virtual reality offerings of the head-mounted display, it looks to give you the feeling of actually being inside the game.

PPSSPP VR tracks your head movements to give you a 360-degree view of the environments around you, as far as 3D games are concerned. Watch the video in the space down below to know how it works with the ever so enjoyable Final Fantasy 7.

Oculus Rift

As pointed out by Engadget, this new emulator actually increases the resolution of original games by a large margin, and even brings a stereoscopic 3D effect and pre-warping into them. PPSSPP VR has some flaws as well; it still doesn’t offer motion sickness prevention, Direct3D support and button combinations for hotkeys.

It’s quite a task to get the emulator working, which is not a surprise. You can visit the Oculus forums if you’re interested in trying it out. Here, you’ll also find the long list of the games that work and don’t work with the emulator.

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For those who own an Oculus Rift, jumping into titles like Wipeout Pure, Burnout Legends, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy 7, Virtua Tennis: World Tour and more should make for a great trip down memory lane.