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Now login to Facebook with username

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Facebook as a social networking site has offered a great platform for users to keep in touch and this time around they offer more convenience. The Facebook team has now made an attempt to give users the ability to login with their true identity, their username, reports the official Facebook Blog.

Hence, from today onwards users will not feel the compulsion to type in their email address in order to log into Facebook. All one has to do log into Facebook now is key in their username and they can connect through any web browser, mobile phone or Facebook Connect-enabled website.

This does not mean that users do not feel free to opt for their email address. The Facebook team has made this tweak since a username gives one an easy to remember web address for their Facebook profile. This way buddies can easily locate each other.

Facebook had recently incorporated a feature where users can tag their friends in the status updates and that has caused much excitement as everyone wants to go attempt it. Well, this latest login to Facebook with username alteration will only add on to that, we say go ahead and give it a try.