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Google Now automatically reminds you about your Indian Railway bookings

The list of things Google Now will automatically remind you of has gotten longer, even as it has been equipped with the ability to show your Indian Railway bookings. This addition to the services comes as a surprise, as the company’s Indian arm let it out quietly without even informing people about it.

Obviously, it works owing to the IRCTC bookings in your email. Google Now scans your Gmail account in the background, and if it spots an upcoming ticket, it quickly pushes a card of it on your Now feed.

Google Now

A detailed account of your train’s travelling data is also provided on the card. As can be seen in the screenshot that has come our way through AndroidOS, the departure and arrival stations, the train time, the train name, the reserved seat details, the reservation number, the booked class as well as the coach details are put forth by the service.

This way you’ll be reminded about your upcoming journey when you enter the Google Now section of the Google Search app. And in newer versions of Android, there’s not even the need to enter the Search app, as Now can be accessed just by swiping to the right on the homescreen.

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Google constantly keeps introducing awesome features to this utility, with the most recent among them having been a bevy of conversational skills that help you get around when you’re on a vacation. And then there are a number of other important offerings as well, in the form the bill reminders, parking markers, offline support and what not.

The train bookings card should start appearing in your Google Now feed if you have any upcoming journey’s email in your inbox.