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You can now turn off blue ticks on WhatsApp with Read Receipts option

You know how everyone’s been calling you a jerk because you didn’t hear that before the latest Read Receipts update, those blue ticks on WhatsApp were free to snitch on you. You couldn’t lie about not having seen an ‘urgent’ message because those check marks of misery turned blue as soon as you read it.

Despair not, for succor has arrived officially in the form of the newest version 2.11.44 of WhatsApp which can be obtained straight from the company’s website. Since it’s not a final release yet, you can’t download it directly from the Google Play Store, iTunes Store, Windows Phone marketplace and so on.

WhatsApp Read Receipts

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Android Police was the first to deliver the good news to a world torn apart by those blue check marks. It was early this month when everyone was forced to feel what it would be like if we were constantly connected and had no excuse to stay aloof. Why are you on WhatsApp if you don’t want to be within reach at all times, right?

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That’s what the developers seemed to be thinking at least when they launched the update which would turn the two ticks (they previously indicated Sent and Received only) blue once a message had been perused. This caused as much outrage as the ‘Last seen at’ feature did and predictably, the company has caved and is offering a solution.

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Once you’ve installed the aforesaid APK file, you can go to Privacy from the Settings options. Lo and behold, there’s a new Read Receipts switch to let you disable the annoying blue ticks! Just like the ‘Last seen at’ function, preventing others from checking whether you’ve read their messages or not causes it to work both ways.

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What we mean is, if those blue check marks won’t grass on you, they won’t tell on others to you either. You can download version 2.11.44 of WhatsApp for Android by hitting this link to the official page.

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