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Novoresume Review: Build a stylish and detailed resume online


For any hardworking person, there are countless career opportunities available out there, but whether they get them or not often depends on their first impression on potential employers. We can always count the interview to be the moment you make your first impression, but your CV or resume is actually an overlooked aspect sometimes. Having a great resume and cover letter instantly creates an air of professionalism around an interview candidate’s image. Novoresume, the online resume builder that we’ll be reviewing today, is meant to do just that. It presents you with several different templates that not only make it easy for you to create your resume, but also help you create a decent first impression with its professional looks.

Why Novoresume?

It’s obvious that you would want to create an attractive resume for yourself to increase the prospects of getting a job you want. To do that any other way would mean painstakingly creating a layout using Photoshop or any other such program. It would also require you to run Google searches to see what professional resumes look like, and to adopt your own resume to suit their style.

Novoresume Templates

Novoresume completely takes these hurdles out of the picture. Its array of attractive layouts and templates for your resume, CV or even cover letters will make the task at your hand an easy and even pleasurable experience. And at the end of the day, you’ll be left with a resume that’s easy to read, making it stand out to your employers who usually spend only around 6 to 7 seconds looking at a single resume.

How does it work?

Novoresume is a completely online tool that doesn’t require any heavy downloads. You start by creating an account, and selecting whether it’s a resume, a CV or a cover letter that you want to build. You are then directed to a page where you can select your template of choice. There are eight templates in total for all three options. These have been crafted to include your basic details and all the essentials you’d want to be included in such documents. The template choices range from bright and detailed ones to even those that can be minimalist in nature.

Novoresume Edits

Once you select the template of your choice, you can now add all your details by clicking on specific fields. Your Work Experience tab can be customized to reflect the name of your company, the duration of your employment, your title or position and even contact details for reference purposes. A menu bar at the top lets you customize the overall layout and add details like Skills, Education, Achievements and more. This is also where you can tailor the colors in your resume to suit your liking. There are several themes to choose from, apart from a set of different fonts.

You can also add details and links to your social media pages, if they are something you’d like to be displayed. Once you’ve added everything, you can just click on the Download button to have a PDF copy of your resume delivered to your computer, ready for getting printed. Alternatively, Novoresume also allows you to create a link to your resume to send with online applications. This makes your already professional resumes interactive as well.

Novoresume Customizations

This is the kind of versatility that makes Novoresume a solid resume builder. But this might get some worried about it being too complicated a tool to get things done quickly. That’s absolutely not true, as the interface has been designed to make you easily understand the ins and outs of its offerings. Even for someone who is building their resume for the first time, it’s a breeze to harness the various tools at their disposal and come up with an impressive resume for their job applications.

Feedback feature

A highly interesting feature present in Novoresume is called Feedback. If you are creating your resume, and are not sure about how well it’s coming out, you can take the help of this feature. It’s the website’s very own content optimizer that analyzes your resume to provide suggestions and possible revisions to enrich the quality of your resume. This is not something everyone will need, but it’s really something a new jobseeker can make the most of.



Sure enough, Novoresume is available for free, but with limited features. The main attributes that are accessible only with the paid version include the ability to make multiple-page resumes, the provision for using cover letter templates and the general availability of additional templates for your resumes and CVs. Do note that the free version allows you to make only one resume per account.

The paid version costs just $16 for a month of access. If you wish to go for a 3-month plan, you will be charged $29.99, resulting in an $18 saving. A one-year plan is also available at $89.99, allowing you to save $102 in total. These plans are not subscription-based, which means you won’t be auto-charged after the end of your usage period.

Final verdict

Novoresume is defined by its ability to create resumes that stand out. With its simple and intuitive interface, creating your resume from scratch becomes an incredibly brisk experience. Novoresume surely is the one tool you should look at when you’re creating a resume or a CV for your job searches.