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Notifications to now pop up on your Twitter feed

The developers of Twitter are hard at work it seems, introducing design changes and layout overhauls time and again. This time around, it’s a new real-time notifications trait which is being introduced by the micro-blogging site. If you’re online on the web version of the service you’ll receive pop-ups of interactions with others just like on Facebook.

However, while the said site takes you onto a separate page on clicking these real-time notifications, Twitter will let you deal with them then and there. You can reply, favorite, retweet or follow right from these pop-ups. And as usual, if you’re not interested, you can even opt out of using this new feature, however we don’t see any reason to do so.

Twitter Notifications

Real-time notifications will be displayed to you when someone replies, favorites or retweets your tweets, and even when someone follows you while you’re online. Moreover, if you receive any direct messages, they too will be displayed through such notifications, allowing you to reply to them directly through the pop-ups.

Twitter Notifications

A new Web Notifications section has been pushed into the Settings menu of Twitter to allow you to control this feature. You can dictate the site to push out these pop-ups for exactly the kind of interactions you want to be notified in real-time about. The developers have revealed that they’ll be rolling out this feature completely in the coming weeks, so stay patient if you don’t have it yet.