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NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter Review

iTunes DRM Audio Converter

Those who use iOS devices often face the problem of having to go through programs like Apple Music and iTunes in order to play them. This does not give them the kind of flexibility that one gets from having MP3 or similar files ready to be played whenever they want to play them and on whatever device they choose. NoteBurner’s iTunes DRM Audio Converter is a program that comes to their rescue, and it’s available for Windows and Mac both.

In the easiest of ways, this software allows you to legally convert your DRM-induced Apple Music files into MP3, WAV and M4A files that make for easy listening. And just in case you’re wondering about quality loss, do take note that the converted files are lossless and offer the same quality that the originals do.

Launching NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter on your machine will automatically launch your iTunes as well. You’ll then be asked to select the files you wish to convert. At this point you may get an error because of a certain permission that needs to be granted. Just follow the steps in this error to get the program to work again.


Once you’re done with that, you can go to the screen from which you choose the files to be converted. All the music and other audio files from your iTunes library will show up here. After selecting your files, make sure to click on the settings icon on the right hand side before you hit the convert button.

This way, you can choose the exact format you want your final files to be in. Also, you can choose a specific location where they will be delivered. And you’re now ready to hit the Convert button which will create the files you desire. It’s this simplicity of the whole process that has appealed to us a great deal.

iTunes Converter

This makes it a great tool for those who want to store their purchased music files locally on their PCs or transfer them to their Android devices. The iTunes DRM Audio Converter not only works on Apple Music files, but also on iTunes M4A, M4B and Audible AA, AAX audiobooks.

NoteBurner has moreover made sure that there’s no loss of metadata in the converted files. That means, all the tagged information like title, cover, artist, album, year, track number and genre will be maintained in the final files. It’s also pretty fast at giving you the output. It removes the DRM from a 4-minute song and gives you its MP3 version in around 50 seconds.

iTunes DRM Audio Converter

Do note that the NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter for Windows and Mac is meant only for personal use. You can get a limited-access free trial to test it out, but will need to pay $39.95 if you want the full version. This purchase will guarantee you free lifetime updates. You can download the NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter program from its official site.