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What Are NoPixel Servers & How To Play GTA Roleplay (RP)

GTA V Roleplay Grand Theft Auto V proved to be a success beyond any metric, and GTA Roleplaying (RP) on some of the largest servers like NoPixel has kept its popularity alive even 8 years after the game’s original release.

Unlike GTA online, where there’s only so much a player can do, GTA RP lets users play out an entire fantasy life while interacting with other, real players of the community, acting of their own accord.

Players can take on legitimate careers like a mechanic, a lawyer, a sanitation worker, a truck driver or even a cop. However, there are also plenty of not-so-straight ways of earning one’s living like becoming a gang member and racking up your rap sheet, aiming to overthrow the current kingpin of crime or acting as a double agent. The possibilities for designing your own character are endless, and therein lies the appeal among the droves of players wanting to be part of the action.

With GTA V RP taking over Twitch in 2019, the surge in popular streamers flocking to the NoPixel servers has been unstoppable, and fans want nothing less than to roleplay with their favorite streamers. But there are a quite a few hoops one needs to jump through before tearing up the city of Los Santos. Let’s get into it.

What is NoPixel?

GTA 5 RP It is easily the biggest server when it comes to GTA V roleplaying. Not only is it the first choice of the most popular streamers, it’s also the largest, among other names like Redline, GTA:World and TwitchRP. NoPixel 3.0, the latest update, brought an influx of new players to the mix, with the trailer announcing a host of new features.

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Being one of the most highly sought-after GTA RP servers, it still maintains its exclusivity when it comes to allowing players on the main server. As its popularity grew, the whitelisting process for the main server was closed, and has been so for around a year now. Since everyone is not able to make it to the main server (unless they are already a big name on Twitch), it launched a public server earlier this year, for aspiring viewers and streamers alike.

It maintains its standards as the best GTA V RP destination and hence, demands a detailed application process and a monthly donation (possibly) to even be considered for one of its coveted slots. At any point, there are up to 250 slots open, a considerable upgrade from the original limit of 32.

Who plays on NoPixel?

GTA 5 RolePlay Screenshot The biggest streamer on the server is xQc. After dabbling in the main server and getting banned from NoPixel 3.0 in May 2021, he has made the public server his backyard.

In a recent stream, he teamed up with other streamers like Sykkuno and Team Rocket, with the gang pulling off a historic heist robbing three separaNte banks in a tightly-executed operation, beating roleplayers dressed as police officers.

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There are other names too who have jumped on the GTA RP bandwagon like Shroud, Sodapoppin, Trainwrecks and Surefour, all committing ‘grand theft auto’ left, right and center.

How to Join NoPixel Public GTA RP Server

The process to get a spot on the GTA RP Server requires you to own the game before anything else. Also, console users cannot join due to the FiveM mod (a multiplayer modification framework) being a mandate to play. There’s also a detailed application form to be filled.

GTA Nopixel

1. Download The Game

You need to purchase a copy of GTA V if you don’t own it already. You can head over to Steam or Epic Store to do so. Epic Games even has sales running now and then which you can take advantage of, if you’re looking to save a few bucks.

2. Download FiveM mod

You need the FiveM mod installed on your PC as this is what NoPixel uses to enable players to join custom servers. As installing mods in not possible on consoles, PC is the only platform you can play on.

3. Create a NoPixel account

A NoPixel forum account is needed before you can start filling your application form. Simply head over to the official website and create your account by entering your Steam ID or Epic Games ID and your social channels if you want. The last step is linking your Discord account.

4. Connect to the Public Server

Now you have all you need to start your application process. You will be asked several questions to help the moderators judge your previous roleplaying experience and your seriousness for the whole process. This is an important step and may make or break your chances of getting accepted.

5. Wait in the queue

Now your wait for acceptance begins and it can be a long one. Users have reported the wait list sometimes getting as big as 2000 applicants. NoPixel’s website itself notes the wait time as anywhere from 14 to 30 days. Keep an eye out for notifications. You can, however, pay a monthly donation with the hope of bumping up your application to the top.

6. Start Playing

Once you’re finally in, you can take to the streets of Los Santos and play out your fantasy with your friends and favorite streamers.

Which Questions are asked in the Application?

Due to hundreds and even thousands of players applying for the limited spots on the server, the application process is a bit stringent in terms of the questions players need to answer.

The questions range from the simple ones like ‘What is your definition of roleplay?’ or ‘What type of character do you intend to roleplay?’ to more situational ones like ‘You are held up at gunpoint outside your apartment by a stranger. What do you do?’.

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While you can always take some time to think about your answers and make up a good backstory for your own character, there are plenty of writers who are willing to write your application for you for a small fee. Yes, these are the times we live in where everything has a market.

If your application isn’t accepted, you can always re-apply, for a total of up to 5 attempts.

GTA RP Public Server – Pricing Tiers

The pricing tiers for GTA RP server are currently as follows:

  • Tier 1 — $15
  • Tier 2 — $30
  • Tier 3 — $50
  • Tier 4 — $150
  • Tier 5 — $250
  • Tier 6 — $500

Note that these subscriptions are on a monthly basis and only represent the voluntary support a player wants to show for the community and for keeping the servers alive. Subscribing to any of the tiers does not guarantee you a spot. It simply increases the chances of your application being read first and with more weight.

Rules of RolePlay public server

No Pixel has an elaborate set of rules that all players must adhere to. This is done to ensure a realistic and enjoyable experience for all players on the server. If someone tries to flout them and play recklessly, there’s a good chance they will get permanently removed from the whitelist.

Server Rules Right from the application process, players are instructed that ‘hateful comments’, ‘breaking character’ and ‘creating multiple characters’ will lead to a penalty and a ban, in most cases. The forum has detailed rules and instructions for how to conduct one’s character in the world and how to interact with other players and characters.

You are also expected to have a decent microphone setup before joining a game.

NoPixel RP Server Dev Coins

It also offers players a head start through in-game currency in the form of Dev Coins. One Dev Coin translates to $1000 of in-game currency and you can buy 90 coins for around $100. The No Pixel store states the value of a Dev Coin can fluctuate but you can roughly get around $90,000 of in-game currency for $100 of real money.