Nook Simple Touch and Simple Touch with GlowLight sail to the UK

Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight

Fulfilling a promise made back in August, Barnes & Noble has announced the upcoming availability of the Nook Simple Touch and Simple Touch with GlowLight in the UK. One of the main differences between the two devices’ specifications is the fact that the latter features GlowLight technology.

The Simple Touch integrates an 800 x 600, 6-inch eInk Pearl touchscreen and a 16-level gray scale. For a comfortable reading experience, there are 7 font size options and 6 different font styles. Access to eBooks arrives over Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and there’s 2GB onboard memory as well as up to 32GB microSD expandability. In terms of file support, the device is capable of accommodating ePub, JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF formats. Users will be looking at over 2 months between charges if the eReader is employed for half an hour of daily reading with wireless switched off.

Barnes & Noble’s version of the same eReader with an in-built light (incidentally, its price has been dropped to $119 in the US) lands with Best-Text for optimizing ‘each’ alphabet apparently. Words can be looked up and text highlighted right from the 6-inch touch display with infrared. Lastly, with the GlowLight set to default, Wi-Fi turned off and roughly half an hour of daily reading, users can expect to stay away from those wall outlets for up to a month.

Nook Simple Touch

The Nook Simple Touch and Simple Touch with GlowLight price details for the UK read £79 and £109, correspondingly. Argos, Blackwell’s, Dixons, Foyles, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are the participating retailers who will be stocking up on these devices in early October, that’ll be around the same time that Barnes & Noble starts shipping out the Nooks.