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Nokia X2 launch takes place tomorrow, but will it run on Android?

Microsoft has made it pretty clear through its latest posts on the Conversations blog that it plans to launch the Nokia X2 tomorrow which is its second generation of Android phones, or so we think. New reports have started to surfacing stating that there’s a possibility that the Redmond giant might drop Google’s mobile OS for something different, but what?

A recent post on the Conversations blog has been the cause of the confusion. The post’s title clearly hints at the Nokia X2, while the description reads ‘Sometimes we have to go back, to move forward.’ Many believe that the company is referring to its Symbian platform here and that the new smartphone series might come with the now-diseased, but yet loved OS.

Nokia X2

Well, folks – Symbian is dead and while devices running on the OS are still going strong, there’s not a chance that the company would revive it. What the post could be trying to say has nothing to do with what platform will be used, but how they plan to use it. As you probably know, the X series runs on a forked version of Android sans any Google services, and with a heavily modified launcher. The line ‘Sometimes we have to go back, to move forward’ could mean a complete overhaul of the software design from the ground up.

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Here are the Nokia X2 leaked specs:

– Platform: Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
– Display: 4.3-inch WVGA panel
– Processor: 1.2GHz dual core Snapdragon 200 SOC
– Memory: 1GB RAM, 4GB storage
– Camera: 5MP rear, VGA front

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As much as we’d love to see Symbian live on, it’s time we face the truth that Nokia isn’t going back there, at least not anytime soon. Android will most certainly be the key feature of the upcoming Nokia X2 smartphone and the latest buzz has certainly gotten us excited about what changes the new series will bring, especially software-wise.