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Nokia PureView phones might make a comeback

Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia made a name for itself with its PureView brand of smartphone cameras several years ago. Sadly, the trademark was sold to Microsoft along with the rest of the company’s phone assets in 2014. Times have changed now though, as HMD Global has orchestrated a grand comeback for Nokia devices, fueled in great part by nostalgia.

HMD Global is now ready to kick off another round of nostalgia as it’s obtained the PureView trademark back from Microsoft. As picked up by NokiaMob, the European Intelectual Property Office (EUIPO) has officially listed HMD Global as the owner of the PureView brand starting from August 23.

Nokia PureView History

To recall, the world first got to see a PureView device back in 2012 when the Nokia 808 PureView first made its debut at the MWC with a massive 41MP camera. The Nokia Lumia 920, 1020, 1520 also featured PureView lenses, as did the Microsoft Lumia 950. Many praised the photography quality of the series.

There’s no guarantee that HMD Global will bring back PureView. After all, it also got back the Asha and Xpress-ON trademarks a few months ago and hasn’t done anything with them. This could be a purely protectionist measure to stop others from infringing on its property.

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There were a couple of reports early this year which suggested that a penta-lens Nokia phone was on its way. Some claimed this was the Nokia 10 and it would be showing up at the IFA 2018. The event is due to begin on August 31 and will go on till September 5. Perhaps we’ll see a new PureView smartphone in a couple of days.

A second NokiaMob report highlighted a couple of other trademarks which HMD has filed for including “PureDisplay” and “Face unlock.” The first might have something to do with the classic Nokia’s PureMotion display which featured a refresh rate of 60Hz.