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Nokia Moneypenny will be a Windows Phone Blue handset with dual SIM slots

In the first half of this month, there was news of Nokia’s Moneypenny, Goldfinger, Spinel, Normandy and Phantom code names for its upcoming devices. The first mentioned has popped up again through none other than @evleaks. No surprises there, the Finnish company appears to be getting careless with the details on its future launches.

If it isn’t, at least a couple of folks are having a good laugh at our excitable nature. The latest is that the James Bond-inspired Moneypenny nickname belongs to none other than a Windows Phone Blue smartphone. The mobile OS we’re referring to is essentially Windows Phone 8.1 which is painted out to be a major update to the software.

But it’s not the first time we’re hearing this detail. The Goldfinger is allegedly going to run the OS too, but more on that later. The reason the Moneypenny has come up again is because the rumor insists on the likelihood of dual SIM slots under the hood. So it’s slightly possible that the handset won’t be a very high end one.

The Verge thinks the Goldfinger will be a flagship device with 3D Touch. Meaning users may be able to tackle certain functions on it without touching the screen. It may shape out to be sort of like the gimmicky floating touch by Sony or the Galaxy S4’s Air Gesture feature. Both of them have very little reason to exist.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying hands-free interfaces aren’t future-proof. But there must be a better way of integrating such technologies so that users intuitively access their gadgets without stopping to evaluate the interaction options.