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New Nokia Lumia 925 ad doesn’t actually show the phone

When was the last time you saw a commercial (teasers not included) for a smartphone that didn’t actually show the device, but still made its point? Nokia has put out an advertisement for the Lumia 925 which has girls, ‘Tom Cruise,’ alcohol, roller-coasters and what not, but doesn’t feature the handset at all. So these two dudes decide to get wasted and spend the night swigging from bottles, dancing, hitting on chicks, running naked on a beach and doing everything a binge-drinking spree may lead people to do.

The ad, most of which may be effectively summarized by the words ‘The Hangover flicks,’ ends with one of the friends waking up the next morning and trying to recall what happened. His pal tells him to check the photos on his phone and guess what? No pictures because of the unnamed (and unidentifiable) handset’s inability to deal well with low light captures.

YouTube video

Fade out – Want photos to remember from the night you can’t? The Lumia 925 will do that in any lighting condition, even without the flash. That’s what the video ad on YouTube says. Check it out. For those who don’t know, the smartphone is practically the same as the Lumia 928 which Verizon has on offer. In turn, these two are just enhanced versions of the Lumia 920.

If not for anything else, Nokia seems sure that people who like to treat their handsets as digicam replacements will like the 925/928. This is not the first time that the Finnish company has teased the low light abilities of the 8MP PureView camera on it. We’ve seen it take on the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 before. With this new ad, it’s just attempting to diss off rival brands in general, or so it would seem.