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Nokia Here Drive+ en route for all Windows Phone 8 devices

Nokia Here Drive

The Nokia Here Drive+ service which is currently exclusive to Lumia smartphones from the Finnish manufacturer is soon to be compatible with all Windows Phone 8 devices. When Microsoft announced its latest mobile OS, it also disclosed that the Nokia Location Platform will be the base for all mapping applications in the WP8 ecosystem including Bing Maps.

One of the main highlights of Nokia Here Drive+ is its global voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation. To top it off, the company is offering offline navigation which allows users to find destinations and even get there without a data connection. Apart from this application, the Transit tool will also be available for all Windows Phone 8 handsets. It will be free for certain locations like the US, the UK and Canada amongst others, while those in other countries will have to shell out €1.99.

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Along with Nokia Here Drive+, the original application will be updated this week. The latest revision is expected to introduce an intuitive user interface and various improvements. The app now comes with an overview of traffic conditions for a nearby area, and the My Commute tool which provides an estimated travel time on the Live Tile for regularly followed routes. And like Google Now, it tags along real-time updates with possible delays and alternative suggestions to reach a destination.

Price Details

That’s all for Nokia Here Drive+. In recent news, the company introduced its Maps software for the Asha 501 feature phone. The application is said to deliver real-time traffic information, Satellite imagery and the ability to search for places as well as addresses in 196 countries. Additionally, it aims to provide drive, public transit and walk directions without the use of GPS.

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Windows Phone 8 users who aren’t quite satisfied with Bing Maps and prefer not using the web version of Google Maps will be able to download the Here Drive+ application by the end of this week. Customers residing in the US, the UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany and Spain will have to get the normal version of the tool and upgrade it with global navigation by paying €15.49, while others will be charged €34.99. Local pricing will be provided through the store.