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Nokia EOS surfaces through leaks

Nokia EOS

Some striking new details about the Nokia EOS have come to the fore through a recent leak. A person in the know of WMPowerUser apparently got to handle the device’s prototype lately, and has given out crucial details which he/she observed. This Windows Phone-based smartphone which is supposedly slated to arrive as a Lumia device has been in the rumors since quite a long time now, and it has missed several of its speculated unveiling dates, leaving fans wailing time and again.

The above mentioned source has disclosed that the handset will be encased in polycarbonate material. This is not a surprise considering all recent Lumia products, with the exception of the new NL 925, have adopted the same material. In terms of size, it is said to be as thick as the NL 920 in the middle. However its ends, it’s said, taper, making it seem like a much slimmer device than it actually is.

Coming to its most striking aspect, it is no secret that the phone is being hailed to be a cross between the Pureview and Lumia ranges. The 41MP camera-equipped 808 which was launched last year finds a successor in this one, albeit with a Windows Phone platform at its heart rather than a Symbian one. The prototype unit which the source had a go at, supposedly had the words ‘XX’ megapixels etched onto the space where the camera capacity is written. At least the company managed to keep that a secret.

He/she has disclosed that the device’s lens housing is round, and it does not protrude much. Alongside it lies a Xenon flash and a small red LED meant for focus assist light. Its lens purportedly features an automatic cover that opens when the camera app is started. Speaking of that, a fresh Pro Camera application is also claimed to have been spotted on the phone. Equipped with a completely new interface, it proffers support for manual focus, a feature most striking than any other.

Regarding the screen, it has been said that an AMOLED panel was probably present on the prototype. Besides, its size and resolution are the same as those of the NL 920. Lastly, the source mentioned the Nokia EOS to feature speaker holes at its bottom. Whatever that means. Anyway, look for more information on our website in time to come.