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Nokia Drive for WP7 update rolled out, tags along My Commute feature

Nokia Drive My Commute

Nokia Drive for Windows Phone 7 application is in the process of getting updated to version 3.0 which brings in various features for the Lumia range. The attributes are expected to launch with Windows Phone 8 later this year. What’s more, the Finland-based company has also rolled out the My Commute feature and the ability to pin destinations to the homescreen.

The freshly launched attribute, My Commute, is said to provide users with different routes from the usual ones to help them reach their destinations without any delays. This is done by learning driving preferences and utilizing information on the latest traffic conditions. Since the tool is new, the company plans on launching it ‘based on the available traffic data,’ placing the US as the first country in line.

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“One of your favorite apps for Nokia Lumia is Nokia Drive, which brings you the best turn-by-turn voice guided navigation experience and allows you to reach any destination safely and easily, even without a data connection. Today we are excited to introduce an update to Nokia Drive, validating that if you have a Nokia Lumia you don’t have to wait for Windows Phone 8 to enjoy the following new features,” expressed Pino Bonetti from the Nokia Maps team.

Unlike before when the settings had to be manually adjusted for day or night mode, the updated Drive application automatically carries out the required changes based on the light conditions for better viewing at day and night, sans any distractions. To top it off, users will be able to get one-tap access to their favorite routes straight from the start menu by simply pinning directions.

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Nokia Drive Update

Nokia Drive for Windows Phone 7 is compatible with the Lumia 610, Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 smartphones. Labeled as version 3.0, the application will be available for download through the Marketplace for free.

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