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Nokia is coming back for round two with Project Crystal, but under Here brand

Nokia has parted ways with its devices business in the recent Microsoft acquisition, but it isn’t entirely done in the consumer market. The company is reportedly planning its comeback through Project Crystal and it might even enter into the consumer hardware game.

However, there are a few complications. Firstly, the company cannot launch any new devices with the Nokia branding for a period of 2-year as part of the contract with Microsoft. However, it could be possible for them to re-launch into the consumer hardware market by using the Here brand since it’s an independent venture.

Nokia X Asha Feature Phones

NPU has learnt this information from its sources and has also shared some interesting tidbits. It appears so that the company has been planning this re-launch even before the deal with the Redmond giant. Several key designers and skilled workers from its devices division were transferred to the CTO project team under Here, which basically was non-existent in the past.

The company won’t be making smartphones anytime soon, but it will be focusing on wearable and location-based lifestyle products. Previous job listings have also suggested the same and we’ve even heard Nokia refer to wearables in the past. Yet, there’s still a possibility of seeing the giant do something camera-related in Android market under the Nokia Technologies brand and not Here.

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Microsoft has been making changes to its strategy where it will lay off around 18000 employees, most of them being from the recently acquired Nokia devices business. The company has also announced that all development and investments on the Nokia X, Asha and feature phones ranges will be halted and the devices will be put into maintenance mode where they will be supported, but no new updates or features will be provided.

It isn’t clear when Nokia will re-enter the hardware market, but we’ve got our hopes high to see wearables come out this year itself. Till then, do check out this pretty cool Android launcher they’ve created.