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Nokia branding to die with upcoming Microsoft Mobile phones

For a lot of people it was hard to accept the fact that Microsoft had bought Nokia in September last year. Moreover, back then, heaps of things were unclear regarding what will actually happen to the Finnish giant’s phones and how the Windows maker will eventually merge its business with its new acquisition.

But now that the more than $7 billion deal has been sealed completely – that happened this April – Microsoft is seemingly putting all its undisclosed plans in motion. According to a leak, the company is going to let go of the word ‘Nokia’ from the names of the phones it makes, and moreover, it is even planning to remove the word ‘Phone’ from the Windows Phone branding.

Nokia Leaked Document

And that change is to take place immediately, so the next device you could see coming out of its repositories might just be called the Microsoft Lumia [insert three or four-digit number]. The Lumia name will be the only remnant from the old Nokia smartphone days.

As for the Windows Phones name change, if it’s true then Microsoft is taking a strange decision here. The removal of the word ‘Phone’ will mean that its mobile operating system will just be called Windows, which is also the name of its desktop software.

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Both these details have come our way owing to a leaked internal document from Microsoft (pictured above) that has been revealed by GeekOnGadgets. As can be seen in the image, what is described as a ‘phased transition’ is to come into effect during the company ‘Holiday campaign’ which is almost upon us.

YouTube video

So at least as far as smartphones from Microsoft are concerned, the name Nokia is very well on its way to becoming history. The branding might live on through the feature phones which the company still makes.