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Nokia Asha 500 leaked image shows cool translucent effect around edges

Nokia may have fallen into Microsoft’s hands, but that isn’t the end of phones branded by the Finnish company. A tweet by @evleaks reveals that we could have more than just the Lumia 1520 to look forward to on October 22.

The said tweet shows what appears to be a press shot of the phone and carries the words ‘Nokia Asha 500, 2013.’ The device has a squarish form factor, much like the 501 which was introduced back in May. The glaring red handset in the leaked picture has one significant difference.

It seems to be finished rather interestingly with a glass casing. The overall effect is that of something you’d have to handle as carefully as a newborn baby. Now where have we seen this before? That’s right, in late August, there were rumors of an Asha 502 and 503. The latter apparently goes by the codename, Pegasus.

It is reported to have a 3.2- to 4-inch touch-enabled screen, dual SIM slots, special Nokia camera apps, 128 to 512MB of RAM, 3G connectivity and a 1GHz or 1.5GHz single/dual core chip. If the Asha 500 and Pegasus are one and the same, you now know what to expect of it. The touch capabilities of the phone could be powered by the company’s S40 platform.

Size Comparison

Nokia Sirius Tablet

If Nokia is going to empty out an entire line of new devices at its big event next month, we’re sure the Asha 500 will get less attention than the other releases which are purported to be incoming – the Bandit and the Sirius tablet with Windows RT (pictured above).