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Nokia Android phone 2016: Everything we know so far

Intro: Nokia Android smartphone

Nokia Android Phone Concept

Nokia is finally going to make a comeback! The much loved mobile phone brand is returning with Android to support it. The Finnish company says it will be re-entering the smartphone race in 2016 without confirming which OS it will use. But we can be sure our assumption is right.

Nokia has Foxconn making its N1 tablet based on Google’s mobile OS. If it takes another stab at the handset market, Android will be its best bet. Without further ado, let’s dive into the known specifications, leaked images and concepts of the Nokia C1.

First renders:

Nokia Android Smartphone

The accompanying picture is thought to depict the first renders of the Nokia Android smartphone in the making. An earlier report said it would run on Lollipop since it popped up on a benchmarking website with this version of the OS.

But it’s mostly likely to be powered by the then-to-be available edition of Android Marshmallow at launch next year. After all, even owners of basic phones never want to be stuck with outdated software when a newer version of it is available.

Nokia to play the mid-range game:

Nokia X

Nokia is known for making affordable devices. Hence, it might choose to return on the strength of an inexpensive, mid-range smartphone. Banking on Android and assigning the task of production to a Chinese or Taiwanese manufacturer could help keep the cost down.

The now-axed Nokia X lineup of handsets was the company’s first attempt at Android and it was relatively wallet-friendly. Fierce competition from others like Xiaomi or Motorola will force the Finnish brand to keep the retail price of its much anticipated phone low.

Nokia C1 display and body:

Nokia Display

Staying with the theme of affordability, the Nokia C1 is expected to make some sacrifices with regards to its specifications. Forget about a high-end display on the smartphone. It is touted to feature a 1280 x 720p HD resolution screen of 5 inches.

You can bet your best pair of socks that Nokia will dress its Android phone in polycarbonate instead of metal. If the paint is run through the plastic as usual, minor dents and scratches will appear to heal themselves, an attractive quality in any gadget.

Camera setup:

Nokia Ozo Camera

Word is that an 8MP camera capable of 1080p full HD video recording will make its way to the rear side of Nokia’s Android device. An 8MP snapper isn’t a big deal in a mid-range handset these days and it will be even less impressive by late 2016 for sure.

The Nokia C1 should be able to balance it out by putting a decent lens on the front. Leaks suggest that a camera of 5MP resolution is going to be on the specifications list. Nokia’s already taking ambitious strides in camera technology. We’d like to be surprised.

RAM, processor and other details:

Nokia Android Concept Phone

Also revealed through an older story is the likely presence of 2GB RAM on the Nokia C1. There were indications of a quad core Cortex A7 processor (MediaTek’s MT6582) clocking a rate of 1.3GHz being a favorite for the SoC inside. But an Intel Atom chipset is apparently in the race too.

Since cost will play a big role in determining the fate of the Nokia Android phone, the handset may not sport Qualcomm hardware. You can also look forward to the usual bunch of connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. We don’t think NFC will be included in the specs.

Image courtesy: Jermaine Smit/Concept Phones

Have you seen this leak?

Nokia C1 Leaked Image

You may have come across the snapshot posted below which was supposedly the a leaked image of the Nokia C1. You might notice it matches with the previously uncovered renders of the rumored Android smartphone. When it appeared, there were two possibilities.

The picture could have been that of a discarded prototype. Remember how Microsoft was not keen on Google’s mobile OS and killed the Nokia X Android series in 2014? Or it may have been a fan-made Photoshop job. Sadly, it was the latter case.

Fun fact:

Nokia 1100

Nokia’s Android-based smartphone was spotted in the wild dubbed Nokia 1100. The latter happens to hold the record for the best selling cell phone in the world. That’s right, a basic GSM handset which was launched in late 2003, beat others to the game by catering to the developing market.

In 2005, the Nokia 1100 also carried the distinction of being the 1 billionth phone to be sold by the company. The upcoming Android device was going by the model number Nokia 1100 when it was seen in early 2015 with the Android Lollipop 5.0 OS and a 1.3GHz quad core Cortex A7 processor.

Two operating systems

Nokia C1

In later November 2015, it was reported that the Nokia C1 might hit shelves with not one, but two operating systems. We’re not talking about dual booting here. Rumor is, two versions of the smartphone will be made available to buyers. Lumia fans should be pleased too.

The new render of the device showed it with the Z Launcher as well as the Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile user interface. With almost a year left until phone is launched, just about anyone can claim anything right now and no one’s going to remember who said what.

Release date:

Nokia Android Phone

The release date of the Nokia C1 (as is it being called right now) is expected to fall in the second half of 2016. When the Finnish company sold its devices business to Microsoft, a non-compete clause was part of the deal. It can’t use its branding on any smartphone until after December 2015.

It is however free to make gadgets that are not mobile devices under the name Nokia. The company can license its brand to third-parties beginning from the second half of 2016. It might not return to production though, and Chinese or Taiwanese manufacturers are expected to carry out that task.

Will Nokia rule again?

Nokia Star Wars Mashup

We don’t know if Nokia will be able to make it to the top anytime soon. Android might assist its climb up the slippery slope it’s on currently. The brand name is still strong in spite of its acquisition by Microsoft. Because people still love it, deep down inside. You can’t deny that!

Maybe it’s nostalgia or just years of trust in the company. The Nokia C1 is sure to be welcomed with as much enthusiasm as the BlackBerry Priv. Let’s hope it will perform according to expectations.