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Nokia 1508 Phone: Simplicity is its Beauty

Nokia 1508 Phone While we are getting used to the futuristic gadgets, there are quite a few people who feel the need for simple gadgets and essentially mobile phones as they are used by almost everyone these days. To bring in a change of outlook to its gadgets, Nokia brings along its 1508 Phone which presents itself in the simplest of forms.

The phone presents itself with no fussy technology or does not bear any flip or slide design that is complicated to use. The demand for such simpler phones is higher with quite a lot of elderly people using mobile phones now-a-days. The Nokia 1508 Phone features a candy-bar form and uses the CDMA network.

The phone presents its color display LCD display with smooth contours and texture on its plastic body. The keypad dialing goes back to the classic style with no complex design involved. If you are bored, then switch on its FM radio and treat your ears to soundful music.

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The price of the Nokia 1508 phone hasn’t been mentioned, but with its simple features, it seems that it won’t drill a hole in your pockets.

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