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No-key Keyboard shines with a Glass surface

No-key Keyboard While gadgets are going rough and tough, there are a few gadget makers who continue with the making of delicate gadgets as well. Here is a No-key Keyboard which shines off with a delicate Glass surface.

The glass keyboard which lights up through the same glass material is a smart creation of Kong Fanwen. The QWERTY board is flat and really light and resembles a slim sheet of ice. This glass surface keyboard consists of camera and lighting. This alternative keyboard concept uses the latest motion capture technology. The gadget surely requires a lot of care and delicate handling.

With a hard keyboard, the risk of Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome runs high and a flat and sleek surface runs a risk of slip of the finger and typing errors. The keyboard still lies in concept stages and the pricing and availability haven’t been revealed as yet.

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