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Nivio, a Windows-based Online Desktop created and launched by Indian Programmers

Nivio Logo A group of Indian programmers have just announced the world’s first Windows-based online desktop called “Nivio” in Delhi, India’s capital. These Delhi-based programmers have certainly achieved something that has remained an impossible task for many majors.

The Nivio online desktop helps one to have global access to a personal virtual desktop from any Internet-connected device.

Besides, Nivio also provides rich variety of services on demand to its subscribers including rental of software applications, access to a rich library of educational content and expandable storage, allowing users to store all pictures, music and data.

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In simple words, Nivio enhances a user’s computing experience by providing them with a simple, affordable and stress-free computing in a secure environment.

“Desktop stresses have always been a concern for all computer users. Loss of data, spam & virus attacks have taken peace out of our lives. I have always believed that the world would change if computing would be simple. Originally named ‘myremoteworkstation’, I dreamed of a desktop that was anywhere and nowhere; that was stress-free and fault-less. And Nivio was born, says Sachin Guggal, Founder and CEO, Nivio.

Nivio had gained immense popularity after its successful beta testing in the UK. Iqbal Gandham, Chief Business Strategist at Nivio, agrees saying, “The beta testing of Nivio has ensured us that the service has the potential of making it big in the Industry. We aim at registering 100,000 trial users by end of December 2007.”

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The Windows-based online desktop will be useful to just about all desktop users in order to access one’s Windows desktop remotely through Mac, Windows and even through some handhelds, providing users with a real desktop experience.

Currently, Nivio is available to all as a free, one-month trial. But, after one month expires, its subscription cost will be Rs.399 per month. However, for students Nivio will be available for a subscription price of just Rs.199 per month.

The Nivio package comes with 5GB of online storage, as well as a host of free applications and security services that help to protect the virtual desktop/data from viruses, spam and malware.

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