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Nintendo Wii outsells Sony PS3 in Japan, Once Again!

Nintendo Logo Nintendo Wii is undauntedly leading in Japan. This has been proved once again. According to figures released by Famitsu, in the month of March, Nintendo Wii outsold the PlayStation 3 by 3-to-1 in Japan.

Nintendo successfully sold 3,741,946 units of the Wii while Sony could sell only 1,197,418 units of PlayStation 3. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console is way behind in the Japanese market and could sell only 235,318 units.

Even in the portable gaming devices market Nintendo is leading with the DS. Nearly 6,343,547 units of the DS were sold. On the other hand Sony’s Portable PlayStation (PSP) could sell 3,427,971 units.

With this Nintendo is estimated to sell a lifetime total of 22,169,761 units of DS and Sony PSP’s lifetime sales figures come to the 8,574,026 units.

Nintendo is leading even in the race of top selling games in Japan. The top selling games in March are:

  • Wii Fit – 1,762,193
  • Mario Party DS – 1,659,315
  • Wii Sports – 1,616,377
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl – 1,554,852
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon – 1,354,447