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Nintendo Wii offers more entertainment with Hulu Plus

Nintendo Wii Hulu Plus

Besides just catering to video game enthusiasts, the Nintendo Wii will now also offer popular television shows and movies with Hulu Plus. After Netflix brought movies to the device, this Hulu service is all geared up to offer classic films as well as several popular television shows.

To avail of this new attribute on the Wii, users will need to acquire an active broadband internet connection and download the concerned application free of cost from the Wii Shop Channel. Post installation, the app can be subscribed by paying $7.99 per month. For customers who do not have a Hulu Plus account yet, the company has announced a free trial period of two weeks.

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“We want to be everywhere, on every screen where people want to watch their favorite shows and discover new ones on their own schedule. Wii is not only one of the most important entertainment devices in the living room, but one of the most heavily anticipated and requested platforms by users and subscribers. Teaming up with Nintendo gives millions of households across the U.S. an immediate way to access some of their favorite current season shows on-demand in their living room through Hulu Plus,” commented Pete Distad, VP of Marketing and Distribution at Hulu.

The new app will enable Wii owners to stream several ongoing seasons of shows like Glee, New Girl, Family Guy, Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, and more. Full back seasons for series’ like Grey’s Anatomy, Community and more are also available. The junior brigade can relish titles like Dinosaur Train, Wild Kratts and Arthur, along with several other options. Hulu Latino services will also be made accessible via this service.

After pleasing Nintendo Wii fans, Hulu plus is also expected to be released later this year for the 3DS system.

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