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Nintendo Wii hits the Japanese Market

Wii hits Japan Today, the much awaited Nintendo Wii game console made its debut in the Japanese market. Hundreds of enthusiastic Japanese fans stood in line eagerly waiting to get their hands on Nintendo’s latest game console even before most shops opened.

Around 4, 00,000 Wii consoles were available in Japan. Nintendo had announced that it had sold more than 6, 00,000 Wii consoles in the U.S, when it was launched on November 19. However, in Japan some customers were said to have left empty handed as well as long-faced, as clearly the demand had exceeded the supply.

In fact, the Nintendo Wii game console is the last of the new generation game consoles to go on sale in Japan. Sony had launched the PlayStation 3 in Japan on November 11, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been on sale in Japan for over twelve months.

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To make sure that they got their Nintendo Wii’s in hand, most Japanese gamers pre-ordered their consoles. Those that did not do so, had to stand in queue and face a whole lot of uncertainty.

At Bic Camera, an electronics store in Tokyo, 3000 plus people stood in line. The staff even began turning away customers as the stocks ran out.

Although the Nintendo Wii does not boast of high-definition graphics like the Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo has made up for this with the innovative Wiimote controller and of course with low prices as well.

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Motion sensors allow players to control onscreen characters and perform actions just by moving the hand-held controller rather than by pressing combinations of buttons.

It sure does seem that Nintendo has won early praise for its Wii game console. The Wii consoles go on sale in Europe next on December 8.

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