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Nintendo Switch’s paid online subscription to get detailed soon

Nintendo Switch

Right from the launch of the Nintendo Switch, owners have been able to play multiplayer games online without paying for any subscription. But that’s about to change, even as the Japanese company has announced that it will be detailing this membership pretty soon.

This will happen as soon as next month when preparations for the E3 will be on in full swing. Nintendo Switch owners have been lucky till now, due to the lack of any online subscription service like PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

As opposed to the two services from Sony and Microsoft, the Switch’s paid online membership will be considerably cheap. This online model was actually supposed to go live last year itself, but had gotten delayed into this year for some reason.

According to previously announced prices, it will cost $4 for a month, $8 for 3 months and $20 for a year. In contrast, PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold cost $60 a year. But these services also offer other goodies like free games every month on various platforms. Whether Nintendo plans to do the same with its service is still unknown.

The Switch was released by Nintendo back in March last year as a hybrid console which can easily transition between big screen mode and handheld mode. Its key components are its two detachable controllers called Joy Cons which feature motion sensors apart from traditional buttons.

The Switch was quite a big success at launch, having sold three million units in the first month. And within a year’s time, it had achieved the milestone of selling 14 million units worldwide, effectively beating the total lifetime sales of the Wii U.

Like we said, you can expect details about Nintendo Switch’s paid online membership service to be announced in May.