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Nintendo Switch to be priced at $250, says report

Nintendo Switch

One of the most anticipated gadgets of this year is the Nintendo Switch, and we’re slowly inching closer towards its March release. Ahead of that though, we have received information that its price will be set at $250. This value is not far from what the original PS4 and Xbox One units are selling at right now.

January 12 is when we’re hoping to get an official confirmation on the price, as that’s the date on which Nintendo is scheduled to hold a special event. The next day, the Japanese giant will be giving us a detailed look at the games which are being developed for the Switch console.

A financial newspaper from Japan, named Nikkei, has made it known that the newest hardware offering from Nintendo will have its price set at JPY 25000 in its home country. That value translates into around $212, but it will most definitely get rounded off to $250 due to various reasons.

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The Switch console is a unique portable entertainment solution which has been under development since quite a long time. It can be connected to your TV sets like a normal console, but you can even carry it around easily to start playing wherever you like.

The assembly consists of a tablet-like screen which has two controllers attached to it. When placed on a special dock, you can connect it to your TV sets. But once you disconnect it, you can utilize the tablet screen as your main display. Plus, you can detach the two controllers for two-player gameplay as well.

We’ll be brining you all the latest details about the Nintendo Switch console as and when they are out; so stay tuned.