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Nine Out of Ten Internet Connections in the UK are through Broadband: says ONS Report

Pie Chart of the Study According to research conducted by Office of National Statistics’ (ONS) Internet Connectivity, nine out of ten connections to internet in UK are through broadband.

The September edition of ONS Internet Connectivity report found out that exactly 88.4 per cent internet connections are via broadband. The Dial-up connection is on its way of decline in the UK. However, 11.6 per cent of all UK internet connections have gone the dial-up way, till September 2007.

Broadband connections in UK are increasing since 2001. And it always has shown increasing popularity.

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Also ONS made a point that the increasing competition within broadband internet providers has led to misleading advertisements issued by them. They usually promise maximum speed for each broadband subscription. However, this may not be the speed received by the end user.

ONS further said a speed of less than or equal to 2Mbps decreased to as less as 50.8 per cent in September, from 52.8 per cent in June and 62 per cent in December 2006.

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