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Nike Amp+ Bracelet for iPods and Nike C.O.R.E. iPod Backpack : The Nike-Apple Bonanza

Nike C.O.R.E. Beckpack ID

Nike has unveiled the C.O.R.E. Backpack ID, a customizable backpack that extends the range of iPod-supporting equipment beyond the Nike+iPod Sport Kit.

A pocket in the strap connects to any dockable iPod, integrating the Apple player with basic track navigation and volume controls on the strap itself. Backpack also offers an additional pouch for earbuds, a padded laptop division in the main bag, and a front organizer pocket.

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If you really want one, they’re available now in stores and online, but $105 can get you a much better backpack or at least something that looks a bit more stylish.

Nike Amp+ bracelet for iPods

The other baby from the marriage of Nike and Apple, revealed by The Men’s Health 2007 Tech Guide, is the Nike Amp+ bracelet for iPods, a $80 device which acts as a wrist-mounted Bluetooth remote and allows users to browse the songs on their iPod and check running times without that constant fumbling that often ensues while attempting to maintain focus on a run. The device will sync up with the existing Nike+iPod running system, displaying information on an illuminated LED display “hidden beneath the matte-finish face of the bracelet.”

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