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nForce 680i LT Motherboard for extreme gamers launched by XFX

the XFX 680i LT Motherboard On March 26, XFX, one of the worldwide leaders in the graphic card market, announced its entry into the motherboard segment as it launched the XFX nForce 680i LT SLI motherboard in India. In fact, the XFX nForce 680i motherboard was launched simultaneously worldwide as well.

According to Sunny Narain, VP, Sales and Marketing, XFX- Hong Kong, “After successfully introducing our range of graphics cards, now with the introduction of 680i LT we are strengthening our position for extreme users looking in for high end graphics applications. Being the first in India to introduce 680i LT in India, XFX will gain tremendous mileage doubled with a very attractive price point.”

The XFX 680i LT motherboard offers a mind-warping speed with a host of great features such as DualNet with Teaming, NVIDIA firstPacket and NVIDIA LinkBoost.

Besides, hardcore gamers will find this motherboard perfect, as they will not have to worry about overclocking. The XFX 680i LT motherboard is capable of overclocking up to 27% more when compared with other motherboards in the market.

NVIDIA’s NV BIOS offers more control and power to you manage your BIOS with innovative display. NVIDIA nTune is a bundled unified control screen that makes the board management a child’s play.

The specifications of the XFX 680i LT motherboard are:

  • Board: PM155
  • Target: Extreme Users
  • Chipset: nForce 680i LT SLI MCP
  • SLI: Yes (2 X 16)
  • FSB: 1333
  • USB: 8, (4 rear, 4 onboard)
  • 1394a: rear, 1 onboard
  • PCB: Green
  • Thermal: Active
  • SLI Ready Memory: 800 MHz
  • Number of Monitors Supported: 4
  • The XFX 680i LT motherboard is available for a price of Rs.14,000 along with a warranty of 3 years (2 years standard + 1 year extended warranty On Registration). This motherboard can be purchased from any of the 50 Rashi branches and select Rashi partners all over India.