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Nexus 5X hit by reboot loop issue after Nougat update

Nexus 5X

Google’s latest Android 7.0 Nougat OS started rolling out for Nexus devices about a month ago and has been widely praised for the most part. However, the software has caused nothing but trouble for some Nexus 5X owners who claim to be experiencing constant reboot loops since they installed it.

A number of Nexus 5X users took to the official Nexus Help Forum in order to highlight the issue. One person asserts that he had set up Android Nougat OTA and had to endure random reboots since the installation. He apparently tried to create a cache partition and perform a factory reset to solve the problem but had no luck in either venture.

His issue was echoed by several other people who tried executing different workarounds to varying degrees of success. Google has now finally acknowledged the problem. The search giant posted a note on one of the boards stating that a very small number of users were experiencing a bootloop issue on the Nexus 5X.

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Google promises that it’s currently investigating the situation. So far, it’s confirmed that the problem is strictly a hardware related issue. The brand is now advising consumers to contact the place where they bought their handset from for warranty or repair options. As such, people will have to actually go to a shop in order to resolve the problem since it probably can’t be solved via a software update.

Nexus 5X owners who bought the smartphone via the Google Store can directly contact the company for assistance. Other may have to turn to LG for help.