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Your next job is now just a Google search away

Google for Jobs

Google has begun fulfilling its I/O 2017 promises with the rollout of Google for Jobs on desktop and mobile. The initiative is meant to simplify the often-complicated process of finding a job online by taking advantage of the brand’s expertise when it comes to seeking information.

Google’s going to do so by using its advanced machine learning skills to sort through the millions of job listings found on various websites and put them all in one place on Google Search. To be clear, the company won’t be hosting the jobs on its own platform. It’ll simply be serving as a link between a job seeker and a third party site like Facebook or LinkedIn.

For instance, queries like ‘teaching jobs’ or ‘head of catering jobs in nyc’ will instantly prompt a job listings preview that showcases data like how many days ago the job was posted and whether the position is part or full time. Each entry can be expanded to get more details such as how long it’ll take to commute there.

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People can even choose to narrow down their search by using filters like date of listing, employer, and location. They can even set up email notifications to alert them when new jobs arrive. Google for its part will try to put together similar positions which have been posted under different titles.

On the company side of things, firms will have to make sure their listing is marked up with Job Posting structured data so that it shows up in Google Search. Any opening which has already been published on platforms like Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn is automatically eligible to show up in the search results.

Google for Jobs is currently only active in the US. The company hasn’t stated when it’ll expand to other countries yet.