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The next Apple iPhone could feature a 3D display

Rumor has is that Apple is currently working on building an iPhone which will showcase its visuals on a 3D display. It will use the three-dimensional technology which does not require any special glasses to be word by the user. Such an attribute was one of the highlights of Amazon’s Fire Phone, but it failed so miserably this year that the company had to suffer huge losses as a result.

The iPhone-maker is apparently hard at work planning a revamp of its complete ecosystem to suit this new technology. That’s because a 3D display will also need software and other attributes to suit its uniqueness.


A Taiwanese daily named UDN has found that Apple’s current hardware supplier, TPK is in the process of raising funds to stay ready for when the massive demand for 3D displays arrives from Cupertino. It is said that around $3 billion worth of funding is being sought by it.

Apple currently makes use of the in-touch cell technology on the screen of its iPhone models, but this is apparently unsuitable for use with 3D displays. It is hence that there’s a need for the development of new touch sensor designs.

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As revealed by Apple Insider, past patent applications by the company have provided us with ample hints on its plans for adopting 3D displays. It has patented proximity-based control schemes as well as more advanced holographic techniques some time back.

But the most important clue is the fact that Apple recently bought an Israeli firm named PrimeSense which was responsible for developing the 3D sensors in Microsoft’s first-gen Kinect accessory. Let us now wait and watch if we hear anything new that supports this fresh iPhone rumor.