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Next-gen Apple TV to give 4K streaming a miss

With 4K television sets slowly but steadily making their way into our living rooms, just like other companies, Apple too was expected to build support for UHD streaming in its upcoming TV set-top box. However, it’s being said that 4K will be given a miss by the company owing to the nascent nature of this standard.

The next-gen Apple TV will be the first major refresh to the device in three years, which is why it was expected to feature advanced facilities such as this. But a source familiar with Apple’s thinking has told BuzzFeed that the Cupertino giant thinks that the service is still in its ‘infancy.’

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It has also been pointed out that 4K streaming is actually pretty expensive for content providers to deliver, given the high amount of bandwidth that is required. Additionally, Apple TV’s main market – the US – still doesn’t have a satisfying number of people who have enough Internet speeds to support the high-resolution standard. And moreover, most of them don’t even have 4K TV sets.

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But content providers like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon are not hesitating to provide certain shows and videos in the 4K format, which is what will concern buyers of the next-gen Apple TV. The company will apparently equip this set-top box with the A8 chip which we’ve seen in the currently available iPhone 6 range, and this silicon holds enough power to support the high-definition UHD videos easily.

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The next-gen Apple TV is expected to be unveiled at this year’s WWDC gathering which will be taking place in June. Stay tuned until then for more on the subject.