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7 Best News Apps for iPhone

Best News apps for iPhone

The various entrants strewn across our list of 7 best news apps for iPhone should be of use whether you want the scoop on politics, Lady Gaga’s newest hairdo making the headlines, or just the winning soccer goal. With modern technology taking over the news department as well, all you need to do is simply read up the desired articles on the comfort of your Apple handset’s screen itself. Read on as we suggest a basket of apps that could come in handy for checking out your daily dose of reports.

1 – Fluent News Reader:

Option 1

The first offering in our extended lineup of news apps for iPhone is the Fluent News Reader which is noted to be a free news app for world headlines, current events and breaking U.S. news. The fully customizable mobile newspaper enables you to seamlessly set up to 3 special sections solely based on keyword searches. Fashioned by Fluent Mobile, the app lays out complete articles without requiring you to leave it and minus load-time delays.

The news sources incorporated here are Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Fox News, ESPN, CNN, TMZ, BBC and Time amongst others. If you see an interesting article along the way and want to save and share it with friends, you can easily do so through Twitter, Facebook and even email.

2 – NYTimes:


Brought forth by The New York Times Company, NYTimes now sports a revamped look infused with more content such as videos, blogs and slideshows situated within the articles or in their respective sections. With this app, you can save bits of information in the Favorites segment and even bookmark certain sections and blogs that are visited often. Articles, videos and pictures can be shared via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. As the company claims, if there are some breaking headlines doing the rounds across the globe, you would be among the first to be alerted on the same. Besides catering to readers in English, the app also unfurls itself in other languages like Chinese, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Basque, Dutch, German and Korean.

3 – CNN: Breaking US & World News:

CNN Intl App

After appealing to information-hungry viewers on television, CNN transports its reporting reputation to the iPhone segment through the CNN Intl app by CNN Interactive Group. Now optimized for iOS 5, the next entry in our news apps for iPhone list enables users to watch live video coverage of events plucked right from across the world as well as acquire breaking news alerts directly on their handset’s homescreen. Stories that cover various topics such as business, entertainment, sports, technology and regional headlines are also ported to your device. Furthermore, iPhone owners can view, record and submit a photo and video report as well as share them through social networking websites and email.

4 – ‎AP News:

AP Mobile

Created by The Associated Press, the AP Mobile app gives you all the juicy information picked up from all around the world as well as hometown news. This means backyard bits from local newspapers can be merged with AP’s national and international photo and video picks.

With the latest version, tech enthusiasts can expect the app to accommodate iCircular and a new deals button. It is also left up to readers’ discretion whether to hide or expose navigation bars in Story view.

5 – USA Today:

USA Today

USA Today claims to offer a ‘quick, easy and enjoyable’ way to stay informed round the clock, come rain or shine. What’s grabbing headlines in various fields such as money, technology, sports, travel and life is laid out neatly via interesting stories, images that can be enlarged and subject-related videos. Sports fans can take complete advantage of the latest scores for NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB as well as college basketball and football.

Planning a picnic? Well, no need to switch to another app as USA Today also displays live weather conditions as well as five-day forecasts in your locality and an updated minute personal radar. National weather maps like temperature, Doppler radar and precipitation forecasts are also provided. A treat for your eyes comes in the form of the day’s best pictures snapped from galleries spanning science, sports, travel, news, celebrities and weather.

6 – Instapaper:


Endowed on the Apple phone by Marco Arment, Instapaper makes it sixth on our list of news apps for iPhone. Instapaper enables users to save web pages so that they can sit back with a cup of coffee and read them later while offline. This innovative feature seems to be quite a blessing as far as blog posts, long articles or interesting news pieces are concerned. Exciting tidbits that pop up on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr can be read through the app. The option to browse the Editor’s Picks is also available. Other features offered here include adjustable text sizes, fonts, margins and line spacing as well as dictionary and Wikipedia lookups, along with page-flipping and tilt scrolling. For those who fancy a little midnight reading snack, the software brings a comprehensive dark mode and brightness control, specially packed in for night reading.

7 – Reuters News:

Thomson Reuters News Pro

Not all bulls and bears invoke visions of matadors or even Jellystone Park. To some, these terms talk about the business world and market matters. Formatted to tug at the heartstrings of this particular niche is Thomson Reuters News Pro by Thomson Reuters. Claiming to provide your daily dose of professional grade news and market data, this app allows quick online as well as offline access to the latest breaking news, videos and pictures along with wide global financial information, interactive financial charting and corporate data. Aimed at pleasing business professionals, the software enables you to personalize geographic-specific views, while delivering a constantly updated stream and detailed company profiles. Besides the serious stuff, you can also garner news from the world of sports, health, technology, entertainment and Reuters’ popular ‘Oddly Enough’ stories.

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” bellowed by the local boy at the street corner may now be replaced by just a simple ‘ping’ sounded by your smartphone. And we are sure that our pick of the best news apps for iPhone would be responsible for the catchy tone on yours. These apps breathe life into the actual meaning of the phrase ‘putting the world at your fingertips.’ What we would like to know is which of the above candidates would you sit in your comfortable armchair and relax with.