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New Virgin Mobile payLo plan serves up unlimited minutes and texts at $40 a month

Virgin Mobile payLo pPlan

One of Sprint’s brands has been scheming over a way to attract prepaid customers in search of feature phones and the result is the $40 per month Virgin Mobile Unlimited Talk and Text payLo plan. Shrugging off anything along the lines of activation fees or long-term contracts, the offer may seem limited by the fact that only four phones are up for consideration.

The payLo deal allows subscribers to expand the monthly balance through a payLo or Virgin Mobile Top-Up card, if not a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. The lowest priced device in the array which has been presented with the new plan is the $14.99 LG 101, while the highest amount buyers can expect to shell out is $49.99.

$40 Virgin Mobile payLo Plan

“Even with the huge increase in data usage, there are still millions of people who mainly talk and text,” remarked Mark Lederman, director, payLo. “And they deserve reliable service and phones. Half of our current payLo customers are primarily talking and texting, and now we’re providing to them unlimited value that suits their needs.”

With the Unlimited Talk & Text plan, Virgin Mobile loyalists receive unlimited talk time and messages as well as 50MB web access per month. The $30 Talk & Text scheme entails 1500 minutes, 1500 texts and 30MB data. Lastly, the $20 Talk plan renders 400 minutes, text messages at 15 cents each and $1.5 per MB of data usage.

payLo Phones

The $40 a month Virgin Mobile payLo plan is already open to customers. From among the Samsung M575, Kyocera S2100, LG 101 and Kyocera S2300 phones lined up for the scheme, only the last mentioned has escaped the ‘Temporarily Out Of Stock’ tag.