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New Twitter for Android and iPhone updates bring back some old features

Twitter for Android

After making the latest version available across all platforms, Twitter seems to be endowing its iPhone and Android applications with a little something extra. The software options have been updated with some new changes, while a few old features have made a comeback.

Firstly, a widespread class of Android users can now celebrate the seamless availability of Twitter across more new devices. The overhaul makes it compatible with gadgets operating on the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, as well as the Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Nook Color and Nook Tablet. Kindle owners will be able to grab it through the Amazon Appstore, whereas it will land in the Barnes & Noble Store on February 23, reports the official Twitter blog.

Twitter for iPhone will also see some fresh changes through this revamp. The ability to copy and paste text content from tweets or user profiles has now been restored. Users are required to simply long press the data to copy it. Furthermore, options regarding links have been enhanced. Through Apple smartphones, this app should allow copying or emailing a tweet link, or even a link which has been incorporated within a post. The latter variety can also be tweeted again or saved for later viewing. In addition to this, account holders will now have the liberty to alter the font size and mark direct messages as read.

Twitter for iPhone

For both these Twitter clients, the microblogging site has even reintroduced the swipe shortcut function. By means of this, users can operate features like hitting share or favorite on a tweet, or even replying to as well as retweeting without having to leave their timeline. Moreover, finding friends through email addresses or phone numbers has been enabled, provided the particular user grants permission for the same.

The latest versions of the Twitter applications for Android and iPhone are available for download through the Android Market and iTunes, respectively.