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New top of the line Kindle arriving next week


Amazon hasn’t refreshed its Kindle lineup in a while now, with a majority of its efforts dedicated to launching new Fire tablets. The company’s CEO Jeff Bezos has now tweeted news about a new top of the line Kindle which will arrive next week.

Details about this fresh Kindle are scarce at the moment. Bezos’ tweet mentions that it’s almost ready and will be the 8th generation of the device. The 2014-era Kindle Voyage was the 7th entry in the series and currently sits on top of the lineup over the Paperwhite and basic model.

Amazon recently sent out an important update for its older e-readers. In a statement, the company said that failure to download the upgrade before March 22 will result in these devices not being able to connect to the internet.

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The list of Kindles which will get affected by the problem consist of the Kindle (1st Gen), Kindle (2nd Gen), Kindle DX (2nd Gen), Kindle Keyboard (3rd Gen), Kindle (4th Gen), Kindle (5th Gen), Kindle Touch (4th Gen) or Kindle Paperwhite (5th Gen).

Users who haven’t installed the update will now get a message which tells them that their Kindle is unable to connect to the internet at the moment and requests them to go towards a wireless range and try again. In order to resolve this issue, consumers will have to manually download the software upgrade to their computer and then transfer it to their gadget via USB.

You can check if your Kindle is amongst the affected and download the update here. We’ll keep you updated the moment Amazon makes the 8th-generation Kindle official.