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New Talking Virus BotNet.A Trojan deletes PC Files, warns PandaLabs

BotNet.A Trojan

Computer users should be wary of a new virus that is doing the rounds on the Internet. This one is not your usual virus, but is one that does a lot more than just infect your PC. Called the BotVoice.A Trojan, the virus deletes files and then hijacks the sound card.

So not only does it do what viruses usually do, this Trojan actually pokes fun at you all the while.

This new malicious code was detected by PandaLabs and uses the Windows text reader to play the following message: “You have been infected I repeat you have been infected and your system files have been deleted. Sorry. Have a nice day and bye bye.”

Imagine hearing these comments over and over again, while the Trojan tries to delete the entire content of the computer’s hard disk.

The BotVoice.A Trojan also modifies the Windows registry so that none of the programs installed on the computer nor the task manager can be run. It also disabled the Windows registry editor in order to safeguard its malicious actions.

According to Luis Corrons. Technical Director of PandaLabs, “This is a very unique Trojan. Not only does it delete computer files, but also makes fun of users. Meanwhile, it does everything necessary to make it impossible to stop its actions.”

The BotNet.A Trojan “Talking” virus uses the usual means of propagation such as P2P networks, physical storage devices like the USB memory sticks, floppy disks or CD-ROMs and downloads performed by other malware or from malicious Web pages.

Ryan Sherstobitoff, Product Technology Officer,Panda Software USA, assures, “Current users of Panda software with TruPrevent Technology were not infected by this Trojan last week. TruPrevent is an advanced technology that incorporates behavior analysis which can detect malicious code that was previously unknown and not included in even the most updated malware signature files.”

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