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New Standard Combating Email Fraud and Phishing being adopted by Sendmail

Sendmail logo Sendmail, leading global provider of trusted messaging has launched Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) authentication technology in the company’s Sentrion security appliances, and also in the commercial Sendmail Switch and Open Source mail servers. Sendmail’s latest announcement concurs with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) approval of DKIM as an Internet Standard. By verifying incoming messages organizations can remove targeted spoofing and phishing threats, cut on the number of false positives and remove identifiable spam.

Donald J. Massaro, president and CEO, Sendmail, Inc. said, “As a principle author of the specification, Sendmail takes great pride in our leadership role in moving DKIM through standardization. DKIM has the potential to restore trust in Internet communications by significantly reducing the impact of email fraud on organizations and end-users. This speaks to the very core of Sendmail’s mission.”

With DKIM, email senders get the ability to digitally sign their messages so that receivers can verify those messages have not been forged. The DKIM sender authentication scheme enables the recipient of a message to confirm a message created with the sender’s domain and the message content has not been altered. A cryptography-based solution, DKIM offers businesses an industry-standard method for mitigating email fraud and protecting an organization’s brand and reputation at a relatively low implementation cost. To pace enterprise adoption, Sendmail has developed a DKIM Packaged Service, which will enable organizations to quickly implement DKIM without having to redeploy staff or disrupt messaging operations.

“After a three year effort spearheading and co-authoring this significant email security standard, we are thrilled to offer DKIM, now a standard, to our customers. The incorporation of DKIM in our Sentrion appliance, commercial Sendmail Switch and Open Source mail server extends our goal of providing our commercial and Open Source communities with the most technologically advanced, standards-based messaging solutions available. The value of this technology is tremendous relative to its cost, and we expect to see rapid industry-wide adoption,” said Eric Allman, co-founder and chief science officer, Sendmail.

Now organizations can sign outbound and validate inbound email, similar to using a passport at the airport, thanks to the usage of the Sentrion email gateway security appliance, the commercial Sendmail Switch mail server or Sendmail’s Open Source mail server. By powering DKIM, the Sendmail policy engine can apply intelligent policies to find out how a message should be processed based on verified and unverified signatures and senders’ published signing rules. Sendmail can successfully grade email into verified, suspect or forged categories, significantly enhancing a company’s defense against spoofing, phishing, spam and false positives.