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New Sony S, E and B Series Walkman Players Announced

Sony E and B Series Walkman

Sony has unveiled its new S, E and B series Walkman players. The new players sport various options for enjoying tunes from multiple sources, including many download stores and personal music collections. Drag and drop operation and in-Flight Noise Cancellation are key features of the S-series Walkman player. Also the S-series player includes 2-inch QVGA LCD screen.

Further users can personalize their player with 10 pre-installed wallpaper images or their favorite digital photo. The S series player will be available in two capacities 4 GB and 8 GB. The 4 GB NWZ-S736F will be available for $150, while the 8 GB NWZ-S738F will be available at $180.

On other hand the E-series Walkman players are said to deliver high-quality video and audio performance. Apart from facility to transfer Non-DRM files with drag-and-drop operations, the player also support Windows Media Video (WMV) with DRM. The NWZ-E436F (4 GB) comes in black, red, pink, blue for the price of $100. The 8 GB, NWZ-E438F version comes in black, red and pink color. It is priced at $140.

The B-series Walkman players are entry level models. The ultra-portable device can connect to PC’s USB port for easy drag and drop file transfers. The B-series players support Windows Media Audio (WMA) and MP3 codecs enabling users to copy and manage music to fit their needs. The player also integrates FM radio enhancing music options for users. Also voice recorder function is available in the player.

B-series of Walkman players include two models NWZ-B133F (1 GB) and NWZ-B135F (2 GB). The 1 GB model is available for $45 while the 2 GB costs $60.

Talking about the new Walkman players, Mitch Li, product manager for Walkman players in the Digital Imaging and Audio Division at Sony Electronics said, “Whether the fit and finish, the engineering or the integration of unique technologies, each of these new series has different points of appeal.”

“These new Walkman players satisfy the need of consumers who don’t want to sacrifice sound quality for the digital music and MP3 experience,” Li added.